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On Surfari Sessions Vol 2 Album Release Aug, 11th at Winstons in Ocean Beach!

After laboring for countless hours of mixing, arranging, remixing, and finally mastering, I bring you these 19 songs of musical bliss straight from the soundtrack of The McIntyre’s brilliant TV show On Surfari airing on FUEL TV and National Geographic.

The release is set for August 11th at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach.

Volume 2 is the highly anticipated follow up to Volume 1, nominated for Best World Fusion at the 8th Annual independent Music Awards.

This album brings you the musical landscape of the show’s travel and surf adventures, taking the listener on a journey through The Americas, Africa, The Carribean, and back.

Preview 5 tracks from the album here and hit the BUY button below to get the whole enchilada!

On Surfari Sessions, Vol. 2 - Chad Farran

On Surfari Sessions, Vol. 2 - Chad Farran

New Gunakadeit E.P

Just finished recording the new Gunakadeit E.P.  Fresh new tracks coming soon!

On Surfari Sessions Vol 2 Nominated for an IMA

On Surfari Sessions has been nominated in the category of “Best Soundtrack” at the 12th annual Independent Music Awards. Wish me luck!

“They say the heart of Rock & Roll is still beating, which is amazing if you consider all the blow it’s done over the years.”


On Surfari Sessions CD Release Party

Successful launch of the On Surfari Sessions Vol 2 CD!

New Track for Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

Had a great recording session with the mad professor of Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra. We worked to together to build out tracks for their new tune Volcano Alarm.

Utilizing some classic synths, including the Juno 6 and the Micro Moog, we set out to lay the driving foundation for SPO-20′s (the lead robot) lyrics about the need to purchase a Volcano Alarm. Visit their site to learn more about this amazing band.

Live Show this Friday the 13th at Java Joes in Ocean Beach

It’s been a while since we’ve played a live show, but Java Joes is back up and running in OB again, and it looked like a great venue to bring everyone together for another night of sweet music.

Come down to Ocean Beach this Friday the 13th and share the night with Chad Farran, Natasha Kozaily and Marsupial.

Check out the event on Facebook!

New Site Launched!

After many long hours of tedious tweakage, my new site is finally live.  Take it for a spin and check out the music, photos, and news.  I’ll be doing my best to keep it up to date and interesting.  Please “Like” the site and sign up for the email list to get a free track and updates on shows, projects and more!!

Amp box complete – lets Rock!

After slaving away with a table saw, I finally completed the amp isolation box. Now I can record late night without shaking the walls.

Mac laying down the bass.

Chris laying down acoustic fretless bass for Natasha Kozaily’s new song, I Lost Control.

New CD in the Works

I’ve been in the studio lately working on a new CD. After sorting through hundreds of ideas and demos, I’ve finally nailed it down to 14 or so tracks to develop further. Chris McGreal of Superunloader has been crucial in helping create the new sound. We are working on a simple instrumentation that includes drums, bass, guitar and electric piano.  A far cry from the overindulgence of instrumentation from my previous solo efforts.  I’ll be posting music and pictures soon.

“Sting would be another person who’s a hero. The music he’s created over the years, I don’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it, I respect that.”

- Hansel

On Surfari

I produced the music for the Fuel TV show On Surfari for several years. Sad to see it go, but we had a great run. Thank you to the McIntyres for giving me the opportunity!!

Another Ride CD

My second solo release was nominated for a San Diego Music Award and features a worldly instrumentation of acoustic instruments with a distinct Brazilian influence. If you dig the tunes, hit the buy button below!

Another ride - Chad Farran

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Finished Production on Natasha Kozaily CD

I’m happy to announce the release of Camanian born Natasha Kozaily‘s CD Between Shores. The CD is full of great songs with a chill vibe and islandy feel. Continue Reading →

I need a Medicinal Music Card.. so when the cops show up @ my house to shut me down for either playing too loud or playing my stereo too loud I can just show them my card & send them on their merry way….

- Davey Carano

Lestats Promo Video

Shot and edited by Natasha Kozaily. Starring a complete jackass.

“The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.”

Ron Burgandy

On Surfari Intro

I produced the music for the intro to the TV show On Surfari.  I create the music to the animation so the instruments change as the images travel through different cultures and places.

Superunloader Live at Cannes

Superunloader video filmed live at Canes in Mission Beach January 2006.

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”
- Steve Martin

On Surfari Sessions Vol 1

Nominated for best World Fusion Album in the 8th annual Independent Music Awards, On Surfari Sessions Volume 1  features music from the 1st season of the Fuel TV show On Surfari.

The music takes the listener on a journey through India, the Caribbean, Africa and the Americas incorporating the sounds and rhythms of these cultures to provide a colorful backdrop to Shayne and Shannon McIntyre’s awesome travel/surf show.

On Surfari Sessions, Vol. 1 - Chad Farran


Chad Farran is an accomplished performer and producer creating music for TV shows, independent films, album projects, bands and musicians. He has won several San Diego music awards for both his solo and band accomplishments, and nominated for Best World Music Album at the Independent Music Awards (IMA) for his On Surfari Sessions Vol 1. Continue Reading →

Superunloader Nominated For San Diego Music Award

My band Superunloader was nominated for Best Local Recording in the San Diego Music Awards. Kick ass!

Chad Farran Nominated for San Diego Music Award

I was nominated for a 2009 SDMA award for best local artist. Yipee!

On Surfari Vol 1 is a finalist at the Independent Music Awards

It was quite a surprise to make it to the finals of the 8th annual Independent Music Awards for best World Fusion Album.